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    Can a handyman repair drywall?

    Yes, a handyman can repair drywall. A handyman is someone you can call when you need drywall services. A handyman can repair drywall damages such as holes on your drywall that are around 7 inches and bigger.

    If you looked through drywall contractors near me on the website, most of them often charge drywall repair per hour. Some of the drywall contractors that appear after you search the words drywall contractors near me ranges and charge on average around $90 per hour. Take note that the materials, debris removal, and paint are excluded from their service charge of $90. That is for the drywall contractors near me on the website that you have searched. 

    A handyman charges around $60 per hour. Still, the materials, debris removal, and paint are excluded from their service charge of $60.

    Some of the best results from searching drywall contractors near me that you can find on the internet are the Drywall Pros. Drywall Pros execute quality drywall services that are worth your money.

    For any drywall repair services that you need, you can call Drywall Pros anytime. Drywall Pros have professional handymen that can fix your drywall repair needs. Drywall repair is done right with Drywall Pros. Guaranteed that Drywall Pros will give you the best drywall repair services that you need. Again, Drywall Pros are packed with amazing and professional handymen that can do the job.

    Is it better to repair or replace drywall?

    Some results by searching drywall contractors near me suggest replacing the entire drywall rather than a drywall repair. The question here is why is it better to replace drywall rather than try doing a drywall repair?

    Well, drywall repair is effective as well. However, you should know that if you keep doing drywall repair, it can only repair the drywall for a short period. Meaning, you may be able to repair your drywall, but there is a huge possibility that you may have to re-do your drywall repair again. Needless to say that even after drywall repair, it can still get damaged easily.

    For example, for drywall cracks. Of course, the crack can be repaired cosmetically. The cracks on your drywall can be repaired, but they may not last long. It can crack again in a short period.

    That is why it is best advised to get your drywall replaced rather than repairing it. If you are planning to get it fixed then, that’s okay. But you have to prepare to replace it afterward because if you keep on repairing your drywall, it might get more damaged. Or it could be that the next time it will experience damages, it could become worse than you expect it to be.

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    Drywall Panel Replacement

    Can painters fix drywall?

    If you search drywall contractors near me, some have a lot of painters that can fix drywall and some don’t. But, yes painters can fix drywall issues. Some of the results for your search on drywall contractors near me have some professional painters that can repair any issues on your drywall, especially drywall crack issues.

    Hiring painters from your recent search for drywall contractors near me, especially the Drywall Pros will give you the best result. Hiring a painter for your drywall will have a better result especially if you are planning on painting your drywall with crack issues.

    It is better to fix any existing cracks or issues before painting drywall. That is why hiring a painter will give you a better result when it comes to fixing your drywall because painters will make sure that any cracks or holes on your drywall will be fixed before painting them.

    Yes, it would be better to hire a painter with drywall repair skills if you are thinking of fixing the cracks and painting your drywall. Painters will be fixing any cracks or holes on your drywall before painting them. So it is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get your drywall fixed from cracks and holes, plus it gets amazingly painted by professional painters.

    How much does it cost to repair water damaged drywall?

    Damaged Drywall to be repaired in Lancaster PA

    How much will it cost you to repair water-damaged drywall? It depends on the drywall repair contractor that you will be hiring. Every drywall repair contractor has a different estimation when it comes to repairing water-damaged drywall. It could also depend on how damaged your drywall is.

    Usually for a repair on water-damaged drywall will cost around $120. Although the $120 is not a fixed price since you may have to pay for other service charges that the contractor will be charging you, and also for additional materials that are needed in repairing your water-damaged drywall.

    However, if you are planning on replacing your drywall due to water damage, then it can cost between $50-$125 which is the local average. That is for minor leaks only. Meaning, the bigger the leak the more you will have to pay since drywall repair contractors will be charging you more for bigger damages.

    If you would calculate all of that, it is between $50 to $75 for an hourly charge. Take note that it is only for an hourly charge fee. You will still have to pay for materials needed in fixing your water-damaged drywall. Plus, additional charges from the drywall repair contractors. The $50 to $75 is just a solely hourly rate for their labor fees.

    How much does it cost to redo ceiling drywall?

    For your ceiling redo, the materials that are needed for the ceiling redo costs $0.53 per square foot on average in Lancaster PA. However, some may charge the materials needed for replacing your ceiling between $0.45 to $0.61. It depends. However, you can find a lot of cheaper ceiling materials on the market.

    If you would total all the labor fee and the cost of material would be around $3.52. Some other contractors may charge less, and some may charge more. But yes, that is the usual price for replacing your ceiling, and the labor fee may be a little higher or a little lower depending on the contractor.

    Replacing your ceiling is a very important part of repairing your home. Why is that? Well, it could affect the value of your home. For example, if your ceiling is already worn out and if you are planning on selling your home in the future, you may be able to sell your home less than the amount of your home should be sold for.

    Repairs and renovations add value to your home. Replacing a ceiling is a major impact that can affect the value of your home. Repairs and renovations are a must especially for those homeowners that are planning to sell their house in the future.


    What causes nails to pop out of drywall?

    If you are wondering why those nails on your drywall are popping out of nowhere, it is only natural to pop out of the drywall most importantly if your drywall is already a year old. Drywall that is already a year old often experiences popping out nails.

    The question is, why do nails pop out of drywall after a year or years from being constructed? Well, as the wood ages, the wood slowly dries out. Meaning it is moving on the inside, and you do not notice it.

    The wood is moving. That is the reason why the nails are popping out of nowhere. As the wood grows old, it becomes sturdy. It becomes harder than before. Wood ages, and as the wood ages it becomes more sturdy. And the nails might not hammer down that deep. That is why it pops out.

    As the wood ages, it becomes harder or sturdier. So it is only natural for you to see nails popping out from your drywall, especially if you had your drywall installed a year or years older. You can easily repair the nails that popped out from drywall. What you can do is to hammer the nails that popped out.

    How much would it cost to drywall a 1500 sq ft house?

    The average cost for installing drywall on a house ranges around $40-$60 for local areas. The $40 to $60 cost for installing drywall, the labor fee, and materials are not already included. Also, how much it will cost you will depend on the size of the panel that you will have to use.

    For example, an average 12×12 room will have to use around 12 panels. That means, if you sum it all up it would cost around $480 to $720. That is just to give you an idea of how much it will cost you for installing drywall if you have a 1500 sq house.

    You can do the math. But, be sure to give a little allowance. As you know, some contractors may be charging you more or less depending on how much they will be asking for service fees.

    So yes, you could calculate the average cost of labor and materials to the size of your home. Or to make it easier, you can have an estimation with us. We will be able to give you a fixed rate if you have an estimation with us. We will be glad to give you an estimation that is not too expensive.

    How much does it cost to fix holes in the wall?

    It depends on how many holes your drywall has or how large the holes are. Every contractor will be estimating differently when it comes to fixing holes. Some other contractors will be charging you more, and other contractors will be charging you less.

    So it can depend on which contractor or company you are going to hire. But the average cost for fixing a hole on drywall is around $50 to $75 per hole. Yes, per hole. That means the more holes your drywall has, the more you will have to pay.

    The average estimate for fixing a hole on drywall is $150 to $225. Meaning it could be that you will be paying that amount, less than that amount, or more than the amount. That is why estimation is very important.

    Estimation can help you determine how much you will have to pay for a repair on the holes on your drywall. Contractors will be estimating how much repair is needed for your drywall. How damaged your drywall is, and how much you will have to pay for d drywall repair for holes. You can get an estimate with us today, and we’ll fix your drywall!

    Does water damaged drywall need to be replaced?

    Handyman fixing the aluminum bracket of the drywall

    Drywall that is water-damaged needs to be replaced. But, if the drywall only has less water damage that can still be dried out, you can try drying it out. You can check how wet your drywall is by removing the baseboards.

    Because drywall has paper as its component, drywall is very vulnerable when it comes to water-damaged issues. Drywall may seem rock-solid, but when it comes to water-damaged issues it absorbs water more than regular walls that are built with wood.

    Most of the time, after drywall that has been water-damaged, the tendency is high that it can not be saved by a drywall repair. That is one of the reasons why most drywall repair contractors would recommend replacing your water-damaged drywall instead of repairing it. Once the drywall has gone through a major water-damaged issue, it will be soft and become distorted.

    Reusing water-damaged drywall is not a good idea. First, the drywall is not solid anymore. Second, if you still want to reuse it you will need a high-volume blower. But, it will not be as hard as before. Drying the water-damaged drywall is only applicable if the drywall has been soaked in water for no longer than 20 hours. 

    What is best for patching drywall?

    There are a lot of products that you can buy to patch your drywall. For example the 3M patch plus primer. It could be depending on how big the holes on your drywall is or how many the holes are. There are a lot of patches for drywall that are available on the market.

    So what is the best for your drywall to patch the holes on it will depend on what you think is the best for your drywall. I mean, you get to decide what kind of patch products for the holes on your drywall that you are going to buy.

    You can also ask for some recommendations from hardware stores as to what you should use for patching the holes on your drywall. Because not all drywall patches may be available in your area, you should have another option on your mind.

    Having different options for a drywall patch is important. There are some instances that the certain drywall patch brand that you want is not available. Or there are other instances that the drywall patching brand is too expensive for you. That it is over your budget already, then you can also find a cheaper drywall patching product. Whatever the brand is, they still function the same. They can still patch a hole on your drywall.


    Can I repair drywall myself?

    Absolutely yes. You can fix drywall yourself, but Drywall Pros do not recommend it. It is best to call a professional to help you in fixing your drywall. Although you can fix your drywall, there are instances that instead of fixing it, it may end up more damaged.

    That often happens especially if you do not have the tools needed in repairing the drywall. Or if you read the instructions wrong. Repairing drywall on your own can result in a failure. Because you are not an expert when it comes to repairing drywall, yet you still decided to repair your drywall then the probability of a failure in repairing it is high.

    It will be best to just call us and have an estimation in fixing your drywall. We deliver the best results when it comes to drywall repairing. We have all the tools, materials, and handymen needed in repairing your drywall.

    Drywall Pros guarantee to give the best quality results for drywall repair. Call Drywall Pros anytime for a free quote, and Drywall Pros will be repairing your drywall in no time. Drywall Pros deliver absolutely excellent drywall repair. So, if you are looking for the best drywall repair, then do not hesitate to call Drywall pros today. Drywall Pros will be fixing your drywall in no time!

    Will my plumber fix drywall?

    Most plumbers will not fix drywall simply because it is not their job to fix drywall. However, for water-damaged drywall then they may be able to fix it. But some still do not fix drywall even if it has a water-damaged issue.

    But generally, plumbers do not fix drywall. Plumbers will not fix drywall because that is not their job. The plumber’s job is to fix any plumbing related problem and drywall issues. You can call a handyman if you are looking for someone to fix your drywall issues.

    But, if the plumber has an idea on fixing walls, then they may do the job but you will have to pay separately for that. You have to pay for their plumbing fees separately from their drywall repair service. You can not hit two birds with one stone. You will have to pay separately for it.

    Handyman ready to install the drywall in lancaster pa

    If you find a plumber that knows how to fix walls, then the better. You may ask for a discount when it comes to their labor fees, but still, you have to pay separately for their plumbing service fee from the drywall service fee. But like I said, plumbers do not usually fix any drywall issues.

    Do painters fix cracks?

    It depends on the painter. If you are asking a painter to just fix cracks and not paint at all, then they might not do it. However, if you ask a painter to paint your drywall with existing cracks and holes, then they may fix the cracks and holes before painting.

    A painter’s job is to paint your drywall. But, if there are some cracks and holes on your drywall that needs to be fixed before painting, then they may be fixing the cracks and holes on your drywall for them to proceed to paint your drywall.

    But, if you are looking for someone who will fix the cracks and holes on your drywall, then calling a painter may not be helpful. Painters only fix cracks and holes on drywall because it needs fixing before they will be able to paint on it.

    The best professional that you can call when it comes to fixing cracks and holes on your drywall would be a handyman. A handyman will fix the cracks and holes on your drywall. So yes, you may have to hire 2 different people. One will fix the cracks and holes on your drywall, and the other one will paint your drywall.

    How much does drywall cost?

    Drywall could cost a lot or a little depending on the size of your wall. Drywall is measured by the square foot. So, it means that the bigger the room, the more you will have to pay for a drywall installation. The average cost for drywall is around $0.40 to $0.65 per square foot.

    The bigger the room the more you will have to pay for a drywall installation. You also have to keep in mind that you still have to pay for the labor fee and other materials needed in installing drywall. Labor fees and other materials are excluded from $0.40 to $0.65 average cost per square foot.

    Contractors often charge an hourly rate. That means, the bigger the room the more time it will take them to install drywall and the more you will have to pay. You will still have to pay for other materials that are needed in installing drywall.

    Also, aside from that contractors may or may not ask for an extra service charge for drywall installation. To help you get an accurate cost of drywall installation, you can contact us today and get an estimation for your wall. We offer different drywall services for all your needs.

    Can wet drywall be dried out?

    Yes, it is possible to dry wet drywall. However, if the drywall is soaking wet. Then it may not be possible to dry it out. There are other occasions that drywall is wet, but not that soaking wet. If that is the situation, then you can dry the drywall.

    But if your drywall is only experiencing some minor water-damaged issues, then you can dry it out. For drywall that is soaking wet, the best thing you can do is to have them replaced. You can not repair soaking wet drywall. There is no way that it could be repaired. 

    If you are noticing any water damages on your drywall, it would be best to check it right away. Checking it right away can lessen the water-damage because you can dry it out immediately.

    However, if you notice the water-damaged too late already or that the drywall has already absorbed a lot of water, then the best thing you can do is to replace the drywall. You can not repair drywall that has absorbed so much water. Drywall repair for water-damage is only applicable for minor water-damages. Meaning if the drywall has not absorbed that much water, then you can still dry it out.